Saturday, 26 January 2013

Epic Names for Non-existent Bands

Yes, when I am bored, I make up band names. Ruby and I are actually in a band with Charlie and Fletcher and one of Fletcher’s friends Alec (I play drums). Our name is Rock Solid Panda and we don’t actually really do anything performance wise; it’s more for the street cred. We did have a couple of practices in Fletcher’s shed, but we kind of disbanded though when Ruby dumped Fletcher. But, on my original topic, here are some band names I made up.

Army of Angels
Millennium Lint
Inky Fingers
Total Strangers
The Lovesick Moo-Cows
One Little Star
The Rebellion
We Eat People
Vanilla Stars
Iron Hearts
This Endless War
I’ll Tell You Tomorrow
Beware the Squirrels
Handle With Care
Legion of the Dead
Rainbow Hearts
Broken Piano
The Loser Dudes
Point Blank
Fallen Angels
Fragile Things
Order and Discord
Down the Rabbit Hole
Paper Birds
Still Fighting It
Dancing in the Darkness
Choose Your Weapon
Lost Souls
Aliens Anonymous

 I came up with most of these, but Point Blank and Choose Your Weapon are trademarked by Fletcher, Beware The Squirrels was courtesy of Ruby, Alec came up with Total Strangers and Aliens Anonymous, One Little Star was Charlie’s, and I kind of kidnapped Millennium Lint off Cassandra Clare. Which are your favourites?

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