Monday, 21 January 2013

My Favourite Word (and why it is so)

Ahhh yes, a dare from my friends over at Nanowrimo. They are helping me in my nefarious plan to suffocate you all in a mountain of my blog posts.
Well yes, I have to say what my favourite word is and why ….
Which is somewhat fitting since my entire last post was about coolness words. And while I do indeed love the word quiddity (it just sounds so damn cool. and it makes me think of Harry Potter) my All Time Favourite Word is ….
(drum roll please)
Damn yeah it’s just that cool. And I know it’s a completely random word, but it’s just so fun to say!
anemone. anemone.
And it’s also one of those words how you say it lots and lots of times and it just loses all meaning whatsoever (actually all words do this for me but meh its funny)
and also it is spelt funny. It’s one of those words that you write correctly, but then, even though you know it’s right, you just sit there and stare at it forever, questioning it’s existence.
And also it has absolutely no synonyms. It’s the ONLY word in the world that means what it does.
I yuv it.


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  1. I know what you mean about anemone being a weird word to say. I once spent pretty much an entire afternoon having a conversation that consisted mainly of "Anmeone! Amenome! Anenome!" (It started out with me correcting my brother in how to pronounce it - I could pronounce it when the conversation started, I swear.)