Thursday, 29 November 2012

I AM SO HAPPY :) :) :) :) :) :)

but i swear, i will never look at coffee the same way. i have drank waaayyyy too much of it for it to retain any of it's appeal.
Seriously, I’m so happy I could cry. I’m sitting here trying to be casual when all I want to do is have a giant spaz and leap around screaming “I did it! I did it!” and laughing hysterically.
Unfortunatley I am on a bus, and that could cause quite a large amount of chaos.
But I am done. It is all finished.
Now I am going to go and watch Red Dawn. J

Monday, 26 November 2012

Red Dawn :D

Only 4 000 more words to go!!!
I will actually have a life again :O
Not only will Nanowrimo be over, I am also nearly finished this school semester ….
The first thing I am going to do is watch Red Dawn
I have not even seen the trailer in it, but hey it’s Josh Hutcherson and Chris Hemsworth
Its like having Thor and Peeta in the same movie
and who would want that?


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Romeo and Juliet makes me feel like crying (and not because it’s so beautiful) Part 2

Well, as I was saying, Romeo and Juliet for English. I asked the teacher why we couldn’t do a decent one, and she got all offended and said this was her favourite play of them all. Well sorry. How was I to know that an English teacher, would prefer one of Shakespeare’s first plays, with hardly any storyline, and a language use inferior to the ones that he continued on to do afterwards. He didn’t even write the storyline, he stole it from some old poem!

Well, anyway. Charlotte (or Charlie Brown as I prefer to call her, she is my second best friend, just behind Ruby-Ruby-Ruby) and I are partners for our assignment. We have to rewrite the script of Romeo and Juliet, persuade the class why we should make this new movie through a speech, then make a trailer for our movie. The way my mind basically works, is that we were looking up pictures of Romeo Montague on Google, and when I saw Leonardo Di Caprio (who is not as beautiful as Leonardo Da Vinci) I was like ‘wait….. he’s in another movie too isn’t he?’ And Charlie was all ‘Yeah duh, he’s in Titanic.’ My mind put all these little pieces together, and I was like ‘Hey, we don’t even need to write a new storyline. We can just steal Titanic, change the character’s names to Romeo and Juliet, and then make it so they die in the end.

It was perfect.

We decided we’ll just change the name of the boat too.

Our teacher is oblivious. She’ll never notice.

Romeo and Juliet makes me feel like crying (and not because it’s so beautiful)

Firstly, sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while. I have been absolutely snowed under. I have some insane work load, what with assignments ad Nanowrimo. This is the first slot of free time I’ve had in a while.

So. Romeo and Juliet. Now, I must say, I usually love Shakespeare. Hamlet was absolutely amazing, as was Julius Caesar and Richard III.

Romeo and Juliet?

Not so much.

Basically, I think they’re both little whingers with zero sense of responsibility for their actions. They fall in love with each other before they’ve even spoken, get married a day later, and kill themselves four days after that.

How is this supposedly one of the most romantic plays in the world?

I have no idea.

My first issue with it is that they are both convinced they are in love with each other, and they have never even talked together. Romeo just goes on and on about how pretty Juliet is.

Hello? Have you never heard all that stuff about how beauty is on the inside and all that?

It is especially annoying because he was ‘madly in love’ with some other chick before he laid eys on Juliet.

But then Juliet was prettier, so then he became in live with her.

Basically Romeo is a total player. I’m sure that if he had thought his decision to go kill himself with Juliet through properly, he probably would have decided against it.

And then had a new girlfriend the next day, once he had gotten over his momentary grief.

I suppose Juliet is an alright character. She’s smart enough, some of the time, and she is pretty brave.

My main issue with her is that she is in love with Romeo.

Why? Why you silly girl?

He’s such an idiot. And then you killed yourself for him.

Which basically makes you an idiot too. But yeah….


Well, basically, we’re doing Romeo and Juliet in English. Which is going to lead me onto my next post because this one is getting to long……


Sunday, 18 November 2012


I am going insane.
I felt like saying I am slowly going insane but I am not.
I am going quickly insane.

Nanowrimo is killing me.....
waaay to much work.
Especially considering I also have an insane amount of assignments/exams.
I am dying. I was meant to complete everything on the weekend.
But instead I went to Ruby's and died my hair pink. It was much more fun, but not quite as productive.
Also now my teachers hate me. Also her. She died her hair bright blue.
Now we just look like the feminine versions of the twins from Ouran High Host Club.
Especially because me hair was meant to be light-pink Haruno Sakura hair.
But is actually the colour of fairyfloss.
Which means very bright.


The only highlight in an otherwise dull weekend of assignments and study

Thursday, 15 November 2012

The pain that is NaNoWriMo

November the 14th (I have now caught up!!!!)

I swear, I have not had a proper sleep for the last 17 days.
Waayyy too much work. Not only do I have an insane amount of schoolwork, I also have to get up at 4:00 every morning to write my daily 2000 words. Well, it was meant to be 2000, but then I changed my word goal to 40 000 words because I couldn’t cope with the pressure.
I mean, it’s incredibly satisfying to hear you friend laugh out loud at something you’ve written, or to totally fangirl over one of your characters (who is, admittedly, the most amazing males who has ever walked the planet), but lordy, it’s a massive work load.
I’m pretty sure that I’m going to reach the end of my month with a completed word-goal, but I’m going to only be through Part one of my story. If that.
I do love it all though. And it gives me an excuse to drink huge amounts of coffee.
If you want to check out my story, here’s the link.

Why I am in love with Leonardo Da Vinci

October 29th

Yes. I said it. I am in love with Leonardo Da Vinci. He is so incredibly amazing and here is why:

In addition to being just about the smartest person ever, Leonardo is reported to have been a strikingly handsome man with great strength and a fine singing voice. And unlike his fellow 15th-century Italians, he was a vegetarian (VEGETARIANS FOR THE WIN!!!). In fact, he loved animals so much that he would often buy caged animals at the market just to set them free.

He is so beautiful.
But also quite dead D:

The Epic Convention Saga Part 2

Here we are again!!!

My amusement cut off from me, I resumed my shifting and looking impatiently around for Amiee, who was meant to be getting us sushi, but had instead been gone for over half an hour. I pulled my phone out of my belt pouch and sent her an angry text message saying to hurry up before I overheated. I shuffled around some more, retied one of my boots, and then proceeded to eavesdrop on the conversation of the two in front of me. At the moment they were discussing the many beautiful women of Lord of the Rings, with Arwen being the foremost.
‘Oh my lord. If only she were the one doing the signings here. My life would be complete.’ sighed the Legolas look-alike.
‘But then you wouldn’t be the prettiest.’ pointed out his companion.
‘Well who would you rather, Arwen or Frodo? I think the choice quite obvious,’
‘Eowyn is most pleasing, but I must say, Frodo kind of turns me on, what with that curly hair and those lovely big feet.’
At this I couldn’t stop myself from butting into the conversation.
‘Quite the pervy hobbit fancier, aren’t you?’ I commented.
They turned, obviously having not realised that I was behind them. Mr Clonetrooper deems my comment worth an answer.
‘Well I do have a thing for him, but it’s not I like can try anything.’
‘No.’ I agree, ‘Sam would kill you.’

To be continued..... (again)

The Epic Convention Saga Part 1

25th October

This happened at a convention ‘bout a month ago, but I never got around to posting it. It’s written like a story ‘cuz I felt like doing so. It will be in parts so it doesn’t look as long….

I shift impatiently attempting to balance my wait equally on my feet, as, only halfway through this bloody long line, my legs are just about to collapse under my (not that I’m flattering myself) on no account considerable, bulk. I can only console myself with the fact that i am not the (incredibly cute) boy in front of me, who, aside from being about 5 foot 8, is also decked out in a full set of clone armour. He’s removed his helmet so that the group of girls in front of him (and admittedly also myself), have a full view of his handsome face.
His friend is also kinda cute, though under the long blond wig and elf ears it’s a little hard to discern his true features. I can tell he’s a redhead though. The contrast of his eyebrows to his wig is quite startling.
Eventually one of the girls, after much tittering and laughter, breaks from her gaggle of friends and makes her way to the elven/clonetrooper contingent. It’s obvious she’s meant to be Dawn, but she appears to be under the misconception that Mr Pointy belongs to Buffy’s half-sister and not Buffy herself. I could point this out, but manage to restrain myself.
‘Um, could I possibly ask your name?’
She directs her question to the clone commando.
He kind of smiles, then tries to hide it, which ends up turning it into a twisted sort of half-smirk. He raises his eyebrows at his friend over the head of the ball of energy. The blond-wigged teenager looks her over, seeming approving until he reaches her right hand, and the offensive object held within. His eyebrows knit together and he gives an almost imperceptible shake of his head. His friend returns his attention to the expectant girl in front of him.
‘I’m sorry, but your misconstrued idealism towards a highly commendable show, and also your dubious choice of character, has not raised you in my esteem, so I sadly must declaim your request. If you are indeed so anxious to give me a name, you may call me commander.’ He gives her a smile and a nod.
She looks disappointed, but at least has the good sense to walk back to her friends with her head held high. They quickly from a barrier around her and a large amount of whispering commences. Eventually, united, they turn their backs on the two boys. The scorned look at each other, smiling, and the rebel shrugs, not seeming particularly disappointed. Their flow of conversation then continues, as if they had never been interrupted.

To be continued……

How not to ask someone out

18th of October

An IM conversation I had with a boy from school, who happens to be a total player. Ask me not his reason for wanting to go out with me; we’ve spoken about four words to each other in our entire time of schooling.
I don’t get boys.
N.B I’m a_dorkable<3 and he’s cricketfanatic801

Cricketfanatic801: Will you go out with me?

a_dorkable<3: I fear I cannot, for not only do I hold you in low esteem, my heart belong to a fictional character for whom I have much affection.

Cricketfanatic801: Ummm…

a_dorkable<3: No.

Cricketfanatic801: Why not?

a_dorkable<3: Forsooth! Are you blind, man? I hath no wish to partake in your folly. Thrust your unhonourable intentions on another; I have no need of them.

Cricketfanatic801: What? What are you even talking about?

a_dorkable<3: If that was not reason enough, you’re also an illiterate pleb. I would not burden myself with the likes of you.

Cricketfanatic801: Can you even talk like a normal person?

Cricketfanatic801: ……..

Cricketfanatic801: Jessi? Hello? Are you there?

Cricketfanatic801: I still want to talk to you

Cricketfanatic801: Jessi?

Cricketfanatic801: I’ll never understand you

Cricketfanatic801 has signed off

a_dorkable<3: exactly, you scoundrel.