Tuesday, 5 February 2013

I Have Found a New Love

I have found a new love. No longer will I harp after poor disillusioned Teddy. Who needs him? Certainly not I. Tobias, Peeta and Augustus – I’m sorry. We can no longer be together. I may still keep up my side relationships with The Doctor and Will Herondale, but all other romantic ties must be cut to create space for my recently discovered other half.
Specifically, Super Junior and SHINee.
Specifically Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk.
And they can also sing, dance and act.
Question: why is there no English speaking bands that manage to combine all these talents? Except for, of course, Jedward, all others fail (I’m sorry Ed and Adam; I still love youse. Anyways you guys aren’t even bands.)
But yaah back on topic (excuse tangents) Rubes and I were just casually trawling the internet (as you do) and ended up on a Girls Generation video (which is also vaguely decent) which then took us to a Super Junior video.
And I instantly fell in love.
Ruru totally didn’t get it. She was all ‘I’m sorry, but I just don’t find them attractive at all.’
And I was like ‘Oh, but I totally do.’
According to her, they all look slightly like chicks, ‘cuz of the really fine bone structure and occasional long hair. My answer to that is that they may not be hot ….. in fact the best word to describe them appearance wise is most likely beautiful, which feels weird to say about guys, though it’s true, but lordy, are they good looking.
Cept the best looking out of all of them (and also, in my opinion, the best singer) is Kyuhyun, who is SO CUTE *fangirl spazzes*
Except on par of how much I am in love with them, he’s level with Eunhyuk, who, originally, I was not at all sure if he was attractive or not, but then I watched a few of the videos, and he’s the lead dancer, right, and he’s ABSOLUTLEY INCREDIBLE. Like, I mean his dancing is ah-ma-zing. And then, magically he just became half a million times more attractive because of that fact, and also, when I was watching youtube videos of interviews and stuff they are all SO NICE. And maybe it’s because of the different customs in Korea, and maybe the translation down the bottom was the politest version of Korean or something but ahhhhh I love them so much.The other band who I think is pretty and also pretty cool, is SHINee. Their name is cooler. The best of their songs is Sherlock, which also has a pretty cool video clip, and Hello is also pretty good, though somewhat cheesy. I don’t know any of the actual band members names, as I don’t stalk them quite as possessively as the guys from Super Junior. There was one bit, in the Sherlock video clip, where I had a total Jem moment, because one of the guys was sitting on a chair with a violin in his lap, so I was forced to freeze frame it and cry silently as I remembered the pain which both Jem and Will are most likely shortly going to experience.
So if you think music in a different language is cool (and believe me, the songs are really catchy) you should check it out. The best Super Junior songs are Mr Simple and Break Down, though Only You is very, very cute and they are all even more beautiful than usual (though unfortunately Eunhyuk doesn’t make an appearance). If you are on the lookout for the beautiful Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk, to make it easier, I have taken the liberty of creating this beautiful image. Eunhyuk is the one with the silver hair, and Kyuhyun is the SUPERCUTE one.
SHINee’s most notable songs are, as I said before, Sherlock and Hello, but Sherlock has a tres awesome video clip, and the best looking guy in it is the one who wears the top hat and Harry Potter glasses.
So yaah.
Not quite sure of how to finish all this off so I’m just going to leave now and go one youtube so I can watch more Korean music.
Cuz I’m just cool that way.

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