Monday, 4 March 2013

Movies that everyone should be forced to Watch

This is very hard for me and this list is going to be very long. I am unable to do the whole ‘write out the back of the movie case because I fail at summarising’ thing, like I did with books, because that would take up about 50 bajillion posts. So yaah. I shall stop rambling now and begin.


1.       ……

ohmigosh it is too hard trying to decide what order to put them in because I really don’t have a favourite movie, I have around 17 favourite movies, so I am just going to put down the main-ish ones in no specific order


Yes, I know I’m biased, because I have been in love with Andrew Garfield ever since he was in that Doctor Who episode, but this movie really was great. Spiderman is my favourite superhero, (closely followed by Ironman and Captain America) and I still liked the Toby McGuire ones, even though he did kinda look like he spent too much time eating lemons. Andrew Garfield was ahmazinnng as Spiderman and also hilarious, and basically it was just a good movie about a guy with spider superpowers beating up a giant lizard-man. This really technically just translates to the fact that everyone should watch every superhero movie ever, because they are all brilliant, and the Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises are a very close second to Spiderman, but yeah, I’m just a spidey fan really :3


Yes, I know I said the book is better than the movie (and it is) but this was still a pretty great movie, and it followed the book to a T, thank you very much. I remember, in the days after it came out, sitting next to two girls who were talking about it, and one of them was like ‘oh yeah, it was terrible, and nothing like the book.’ and I felt like jumping up and being all ‘oh hell to the no you did not just say that. Please sister, a little respect.’ because obviously she had not read the book properly, if she had even actually read the book at all. But yeah now I’m over that tirade, it’s good.


Both of these were brilliant, and I can’t decide which was better. I lean more towards the Hobbit because Bilbo is a better main character than Frodo, and also I do forsee that the battle against Smaug the dragon is going to be Epic. Basically, there both movies about short people going on epic journeys, with many, many, aerial battle shots, and basically just lots of epicness, and oh yes there is also a disembodied eyeball. And Gollum. Gollum is the bestest.


If you haven’t seen these, then your parents probably have, and you should watch them. The original trilogy has a bit too much crying in it, and the prequels have a bit too much kissing in them, but that aside, they are very epic. The best thing about these movies is the huge expanded universe they come with, because there is a massive amount of stuff out there about the Starwars world. Really though, it’s a must see. Giant teddy bears, terrible haircuts, and a healthy dose of incest, just to make things interesting. Also, if you watch them now, you can cash in one the hype before the new Starwars movie comes out in 2015, and be one of those annoying people who tells everyone ‘I saw that before it was cool.’


I know this is somewhat unprecedented, especially considering all of the other movies on this list, which involve huge amounts of fighting and explosions, but hey, I’m a sucker for Disney movies. I know it’s somewhat of a shameful thing to admit, but I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

It’s probably because I’m one of those people who have no real life actual romantic experience, so I have to live vicariously through cartoon characters.

And really, I’m not such a fan of the old disney princess movies (i.e. Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty) because they were created in a time when macho-ism was highly appreciated and degradation of the fairer gender was at an all-time high (and don’t even get me started on that issue). So basically those three princesses just sit around and do what everyone tells them, occasionally doing really stupid things like taking the apples that a creepy old lady gives them and eating them (stranger danger much), until their handsome prince comes and rescues them.

Not particularly the greatest (or most original) storyline ever.

I like The Little Mermaid the most,(now you all know why I made Ariel win The Disney Princess Hunger Games) because she goes and does what she wants, even though her father tells her not to, and though some (quite) bad stuff happens along the way, it all turns out better in the end than it would have if she had listened to him and just stayed safely under the sea forever.

Also because her best friend is a singing Jamaican crab, which is just cool.

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