Friday, 11 January 2013


When I think about it, it must have seemed pretty strange to the onlookers, Spiderman and Ironman pushing through crowds wielding kick-ass Nerf guns, then gunning down a bunch of Jedi.
They never even knew what hit them.
The first they were aware of our presence was when they were taken down from behind by a hail of Nerf darts.
I’ll give them credit, they responded pretty quickly. Those who had been shot fell beneath our barrage, and the others turned to see what the hell was going on…
Which gave Darth Maul and his friend time to take another one of them down.
This left only three Jedi, versus two Sith Lords and two superheroes with empty Nerf guns (we had foolishly wasted all our bullets on our first attack)
Ruby and I moved closer to the Sith, looking to them for protection. Darth Maul nodded solemnly at us.
The three Jedi stood a small distance away, eyeing us warily, unsure of how to treat these unexpected arrivals. One of them whispered something, and the three of them raised their lightsabers in sync, moving cautiously towards us.
I’m sure the ensuing battle would have been incredible, most likely resulting in both Ruby and I’s deaths, had not one of the ‘corpses’ that littered the ground around us, jumped to it’s feet and yelled
‘Cops! Quick everyone, scatter!’
They seemed to have agreed on the course of action to take, should this happen, earlier, as all the dead bodies jumped to their feet and started to run, closely followed by the Jedi and Sith.
One of the Jedi, the girl who had originally been attacked, turned back to us
‘Come on!’ she yelled ‘Follow us!’
Looking over my shoulder, I saw that, indeed, there was cops descending the escalator, and decided to take a chance and follow these strange people. Luckily, I had my wallet in my coat pocket, and Ruby had kept her backpack on during the assault, so there was no need to return to the fountain.
We dashed after the receding backs of the Starwars crew, catching up to the girl, who had stopped and waited for us, all the while anxiously looking back at the cops.
‘C’mon!’ she said, turning and running in a different direction to the rest of her group, splitting off to the right. We rushed through the crowds, most of the people around eyeing us strangely, probably because Ruby and I were still wearing our masks.
Eventually we broke out through the doors and onto the street, where, just our luck, it happened to be raining (surprise surprise)
The girl led us a little further, into a bus shelter, where we were instructed to ditch the masks and sit on our Nerf guns. She retracted her lightsaber, and when the cops walked out of the doors and looked around wearily, all they saw was three girls sitting at a bus stop.

Part 4 coming soon! In my next post, to be exact J

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