Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Hunger Games X Disney Princesses

Rapunzel gazed out at the arena. A large forest spread out before her, and in the distance she could see a lake. What mattered though was the Cornucopia in front of her. She searched the piles in front of it with her eyes, scanning them for the weapon she knew she needed. The she spotted it.
A frypan. 
She knew Eugene had told her to avoid the Cornucopia, but this changed everything.
She glanced cautiously to either side of her. Belle was on one side, looking determined. Snow White was on the other side, gazing around the forest in wonder. Rapunzel wondered which of them would be the first to die.
Suddenly, there was the sound of a huge explosion. Rapunzel turned towards it. It seemed that Aurora hadn’t been able to keep herself awake. As soon as she fell asleep, she dropped off her platform onto the ground, and the explosives below. Rapunzel grimly turned back to the Cornucopia. There was no time to think on that now. The clock was counting down.
As soon as it hit one, Rapunzel leapt to the ground and sprinted towards the Cornucopia, towards her precious frypan. She wasn’t the first to reach the golden horn. Belle was there, grabbing a bow and arrows. Rapunzel grasped her frypan and turned to sprint towards the trees, her long plait trailing on the ground. Suddenly, she was jolted back. Belle had fired an arrow into her braid, pinning it to the ground. She attempted to free it, but it was too late. Belle sent another arrow spiralling towards her, and Rapunzel was the second to fall.
Ariel ran away from the action, into the woods, heading in the direction where she had seen a lake.
Snow White and Cinderella silently formed a pact, running off into the woods together.
Jasmine sprinted in the opposite direction to the others.
At the end of the day, there were only those two deaths. Belle, Mulan and Princess Fiona stayed by the Cornucopia, taking full stock of the weapons and forming plans to hunt down the other four.
The next day, the three Careers ventured into the woods to look for Cinderella and Snow White. They figured that they were going in the right direction when they heard singing up ahead. They emerged into a clearing to see Snow White talking to some woodland animals. Belle had drawn her bow to shoot, when Cinderella came out of nowhere, attacking Mulan from behind. Mulan spun, pulling out her sword, but Cinderella had the advantage, since her fairy godmother had heard her wishes for safety and sent her a full suit of armour and sword.
While they were distracted Snow White had been gathering a small army of woodland creatures, and now she sent them towards Belle and Princess Fiona. They quickly sprang into action, Belle picking of the creatures one by one with her bow. Fiona was swiftly overcome, disappearing under a swarm of small creatures. Left alone for the time being, Belle dropped her bow over and pulled out a sword, sprinting towards Snow White. Her animals jumped forwards to protect her, but Belle could not be stopped. She reached Snow White, and with a single strike, there was another Princess gone.
Meanwhile, Cinderella and Mulan were still fighting fiercely. When Cinderella saw Snow White fall, she gave a cry of anguish and turned, running back into the woods. Mulan and Belle decided there wasn’t time to pursue her.
Cinderella only had a temporary reprieve. As she crashed through the woods, she alerted another of the Princesses hiding there. The first Cinderella knew of her demise was a flash of orange and black stripes rushing towards her, then nothing.
Mulan and Belle headed back to the Cornucopia, and after talking, they decided that Ariel would be their next target. They guessed she would head towards water, so they set off in the direction of the lake. Little did they know, they were being followed.
That night, Ariel sat on a large rock in the middle of the lake to watch the faces that appeared in the sky. Snow White, Fiona and Cinderella, all dead. She added it up. Only four of them left now. She figured that Jasmine was the one to watch out for. Though she kept mostly to herself, Ariel was certain she had a devious streak.
Jasmine herself was hiding in a tree, watching Mulan and Belle set up camp, Rajah on the branch above her. She waited until the two of them were sleeping, and then jumped from the tree, Rajah following her, descending upon Belle in a streak of black and orange. Belle awoke as he landed, screaming at the sight of him, until she was silenced. Mulan bolted from her bed, grabbing her sword and turning to face Jasmine. The two of them circled each other warily, looking for weaknesses. Unfortunately for Mulan, she hadn’t seen how Belle had died, so she was completely unprepared when Rajah jumped from the tree above her and pinned her down, giving Jasmine time to go in for the final blow.
Ariel heard both cannons sound, closer to her than she expected. Someone was coming, whoever it was, she did not know. But there were only two of them left now. She retrieved her trident, sent to her by her father, and dove into the water, swimming closer to the shore. She watched as Jasmine stepped out from the tree line, Rajah beside her. Jasmine drew her sword and stepped forward into the water. She halted when she realised that Rajah wasn’t following her, as, unluckily for Jasmine, her fearsome tiger was afraid of water. She sighed in disgust and continued purposefully toward Ariel, leaving him stranded on the bank. When the two Princesses reached one another, Jasmine instantly sprang into action, slicing her sword upwards. However, the seawater slowed her stroke, and Ariel was able to easily block it, having fought in this environment many times. The two girls battled fiercely, until Ariel used her trident to trip Jasmine up, and as she sunk, struck the death blow.
The cannon sounded and Ariel stood in the water, her red hair swirling around her, as the announcement she had been waiting for boomed out across the country.
‘Princess Ariel is the winner of the 76th annual Hunger Games!’

((Don’t ask me how Rajah got into the arena … It was a very large parachute, okay?))

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