Saturday, 2 February 2013

Cast List of My Life

I thought I should probably do something like this for clarification, so that when I mention someone who I’ve never actually told you about before you can come back to this and be all ‘ahhh, so that’s  who that is.’
Yeah … so this is the major people and other randoms who torture me daily with their presence (and some of whom torture me daily by me being without their presence.)

 Me: well duh who I am. I’m me and my name is Jessi Hunt (or at least that’s what I’m telling y’all).
If you don’t know nothing bout me (apart from the fact that my grammar is appalling) read the FIRST THING I EVER POSTED. Ahh I was so young and innocent then …. those were the good old days.

 Ruby: mah bestie. Commonly also referred to as Rubes, Ruby-Rubes, Ruru, or whatever I feel like calling her at that given point in time. It changes. Frequently.  She’s my fellow Nerdfighter, Whovian, Tribute, Demigod, Shadowhunter, Potterhead, and really whatever I feel like being. I am not sure really why she hangs out with me, apart from the fact we relate, because she is beautiful and could be popular but is not because I just bring her down (like the deadweight I am). She still manages to have an impressive string of boyfriends. I think she’s somewhere around number 54 now. She is sometimes not entirely sure about the strange things I do, but she helps me to scale back on the insanity and I help her to live a little.

 Charlie: that other person who I sometimes hang out with when Ruby is away. Also known as Charlotte. Small, mousy, glassered and shy – basically your stereotypical nerdgirl. She is also pretty cool but constantly has no idea what I’m saying, as the only fandoms she follows are Harry Potter and Hunger Games. As well as Twilight. Not that being a Twihard is really a proper fandom. She and I do English together. We basically slack off and watch anime. fun.

 Alice: my older sister. Practically the devil incarnate. She is eighteen and the world revolves around her. Or so she thinks. (how can it revolve around her, when it really revolves around me?) She thinks I am a crime against humanity, as the only branded clothes I wear are Converses and Docs. Mum is always saying that I could be beautiful like her if I wanted to, (which is basically saying that I’m not beautiful at the moment. Yeah, good work there mum.) which I don’t, because that would involve spending huge amounts of time in front of the mirror, precious moments when I could be doing important things like … I don’t know …. playing TOR or reading. It is her life’s mission to make my life hell, which she does by disconnecting my computer from the internet, hacking into all my accounts, (which can be bad and not so bad. Pottermore: wasn’t that bad. She couldn’t really do much damage. If she got her hands on this blog? End of the world as I know it.) hiding alarm clocks under my bed set to go off at three in the morning, and numerous other evil things.

Katy: the devil’s advocate. Six years old. Gets her kicks out of painting my clothes different colours, waking me up by sitting on my head, and repeating everything I say. Code word: annoying. Ruby thinks she’s cute but I know the truth.

Mum and Dad: basically? They’re mum and dad. They make the rules and refuse to give me the huge amounts of money I really, really need.

 Theodore: That incredibly cute guy I met during ‘the battle for the shopping centre.’ (read for more info). He gave me his number and I gave him mine. That was over a month ago. I’m still waiting for him to call L

 Thalia: Ruby and I also met her during ‘the battle for the shopping centre.’ I think she thinks I’m a little strange (or more than a little) she and Ruby hit it off pretty well though. Hopefully we end up being friends as I really don’t know that many people and this way if I go through with my re-creation of Eragon (because the actual movie was terrible) I need more people to fill up my cast list.

 John: That guy I wasted 8 months of my life on. Funny story that. Have to tell you sometime. (or not)

 Fletcher: That guy Ruby wasted about 8 minutes of her life on. And he was the nicer of the two. I’m kinda friends with him … we say hi in hallways and stuff. Technically we are also in a band together (probs more on that later)

 Alec: Fletcher’s friend who was also part of our band for the short time it existed. Played guitar/electric guitar. He’s pretty cool but I don’t see him much ‘cuz he goes to a different school to me.

 That is basically it … little sad really, looking at my amount of friends (which is stunningly huge) I’m not one of those super-popular peeps whose list would be fifty bazillion pages long. Not that I want to be. What would I do with all those friends? I’d probably forget their names.

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