Friday, 11 January 2013


The instant they left I totally cacked it. I was laughing so hard I ended up crying. It was just really funny to think about, a bunch of Sith and Jedi battling it out in a shopping centre until they were joined by a bunch of superheros, then finally having to leg it from the cops.

I wondered what the people watching had thought.

Ruby and the other girl looked at me a little weirdly, obviously not finding it quite as hysterical as I did (you probably won’t either … in retrospect it wasn’t really that funny. Just bloody awesome.) When I finally recovered, Ruby and I introduced ourselves, and she said her name was Thalia, which caused me to have another total fangirl moment, then sink into a pit of depression on remembering the demise of Percy and Annabeth in Mark of Athena.

By now I think Thalia had realised that I was the slightly weirder one of the two of us, who took ‘fangirling too far’, as John had once said, in the moments before he dumped me (more on that later … maybe. It depends if I can bring myself to describe that shameful portion of my life.)
She and Ruby struck up a conversation, as Thalia texted her friends to see where they had ended up. She seemed to be explaining to Ruby that the reason the coppers had been chasing us was because, technically, we were creating a public disturbance, which is illegal.
I’m pretty sure if she had been aware of this fact earlier, Ruby would have been slightly less happy to join me in my rampage. This had been known to me, which was why I hadn’t informed her of the possible implications beforehand.
To cut this story short, because it is becoming far too long, we ended up meeting up with Thalia’s friends. They were pretty cool about us interrupting their public demonstration, and the original Sith (whose name was Theodore and who happened to be really cute up close, he had the whole tall, dark and handsome thing going for him; kind of like William Herondale *sigh* but green eyed.) congratulated us and asked for our numbers so he could call us next time he was planning something. Ruby wasn’t really up for it, because she thought he might be a stalker, but my attitude was more ‘hey, a really good looking Sith just asked for my number! Now what would be the logical thing to do?’
Obviously, I let him have it, in return for his.
Sadly, the time came too soon before Ruby and I were forced to leave, as we had officially been expected back at my house twenty minutes earlier.
So we bid them all adieu.

And now I have spent the last two weeks, staring at my mobile, just waiting for it to ring. I don’t want to call him, because that would be creepy, and because I have no actual reason to do so. So I’m hoping that he decides it would be best (for the fate of the universe) to stage another public disruption sometime in the near future.

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