Thursday, 10 January 2013


We were coming down the escalator when it happened. Since we were up pretty high, we saw everything clearly. A (really pretty cute) guy was just casually walking along. Both of us were watching him because of before mentioned cuteness. He walked past this girl in a long trench coat and stopped suddenly, turning to watch her as she continued to walk on. He stuck his hand inside his jacket, which cause Ruby to clutch my arm in a death grip, her over active imagination turning him into a suicide bomber or the like.
But no.
The truth was far more sinister.
He pulled out a lightsaber, pressing a button on the handle and causing a red blade slide out. He raised the lightsaber above his head, and sprinted towards the girl, bringing it down in an arc….
Only to be blocked by the blue lightsaber that she had pulled from her coat pocket. They then began to engage in a fierce battle…
Which was when we reached the ground. We couldn’t see the two of them, as a crowd had gathered and both of us are somewhat vertically challenged.
‘Quick!’ I cried to Ruby. ‘Get to high ground!’
The two of us looked around frantically, until Ruby grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the fountain nearby. The two of us clambered up onto the ledge surrounding it, giving ourselves a clear view of the action. In the time we had been blind, two more Jedi and another Sith had joined in the battle. Lightsabers were flying everywhere, blades glowing and buzzing as they clashed. They all looked around Ruby and I’s age, some of them maybe older, wearing casual clothes. Nothing really out there.
That was, at least, until a casual observer ripped off his long coat and pulled down his hood to reveal a facefull of DARTH MAUL TATTOOS.
From there on in it got a little weirder.
He pulled out at double bladed red lightsaber (which is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen) from a shopping bag, and with a roar, dropped the stuff he was carrying and joined the battle.
One of the Jedi fell beneath his blade, and it looked as though the Sith where going to triumph, until four more Jedi spilled onto the scene.
One of the Sith was quickly killed, leaving only Darth Maul and the original Sith standing. Another Jedi fell beneath the blade of the Sith, but they were still outnumbered five to two, and they were fading fast.
Which was when I decided, lovely as we were, it would be good of us to help out.
‘Quickly Rubes, follow my lead!’ I told her, ripping the plastic off my mask and strapping it onto my face, glancing up to see that another two Jedi had joined the battle, and they had the Sith, who were back to back, surrounded.
Ruby looked at me a little strangely, but followed suit, pulling on her Ironman mask. As she did this, I executed the quickest Nerf gun unwrapping and assemblement in the history of the world. Ruby finished only slightly after me, her gun being somewhat smaller.
‘Okay Rubes, here’s the plan. Go in, kill the Jedi, get out. Got it?’
She nodded in reply, and though I couldn’t see her face beneath the mask, I could swear she was smiling wickedly.
With a yell, we jumped from our platforms, plunging into the crowd and towards the battle.

To be continued at a later date ;)

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