Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine Morgenstern day

The title of this post is a joke. Unfortunately, anyone who hasn’t read Mortal Instruments (otherwise known as most of the world) won’t get it.
But believe me, it’s pretty funny.
Soooo yeah I don’t really get the point of this day, because the only purpose it seems to serve is to make all us relationshipless peeps feel like saddo loners. While all the couples at school spend this day being all romantic lovey-dovey and giving each other flowers and reciting terrible poetry, the rest of us are all ‘FOREVER ALONE!’ and just cry hysterically in a corner.
It doesn’t help when your stunningly beautiful best friend can’t come over to have a LOTR movie marathon with you because she is off with boyfriend number 57.
So you get to sit all alone at home in a pile of rejectedness.
Because sure, I’d love to spend my time on a date with my boyfriend. I’m guessing it would be ab-so-lute-ly lovely.
Unfortunately, he lives in 18th Century England. Which could easily be solved with my time machine, but wait, no it couldn’t, because there is yet another obstacle in the way of our love.
He’s not even a real person.
So unless any one knows a Silvertongue (no? no takers?) I am pretty much stuffed.
So instead of sinking further into the pit of depression as I opened the door to let my elder sister’s boyfriend in, laden with roses and chocolates as he was, I decided I must do something about this.
So I decided to look up gifs of cats with lightsabers.
Because that makes everything better.
And also Squirrels.

I also found this somewhere among the dusty corners of the internet and this is also a joke, though it also won’t make sense unless you have read The Mortal Instruments (which you really all should)

 And now my short stint in the land of sadliness is over, and I am going to go write fanfics about me and Will Herondale on a date together in, oh, I don’t know, some romantic planet where my other boyfriend, The Doctor, is going to take us. (The Doctor and I can go on a Valentine’s Day date whenever we want – these are the perks of having a Timelord boyfriend.)
So Toodle-pip!

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