Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Insanity Continues

September 24th

I think I may have to change my last comment about none comparing with Mr Rochester (except of course William Herondale). Indeed, I am quite bewitched by Toby Stephens.
Who, admittedly, is Mr Rochester.
In the BBC reproduction anyway.
He was also Gilbert Markham, who was still quite lovely but somewhat irritated me. I must confess, I also prefer Mr Rochester in looks.
If only he was younger. I believe him to be, at this point in time, somewhere around forty. In Jane Eyre, he was but thirty, and in the Tenant of Wildfell Hall, he is only just twenty-five.
He ages very well though. He is better looking at thirty than twenty-five.
But that may just be the hair.
And his Mr Rochesterness.
I do think I shall have to look him up on the omnipotent Google.
Because he may not be quite so handsome in the fashions of today.
As I have already pointed out, waistcoats can make any man handsome.
With the exception of Mr Collins.
On whom there will be not comment.

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