Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Epic Convention Saga Part 2

Here we are again!!!

My amusement cut off from me, I resumed my shifting and looking impatiently around for Amiee, who was meant to be getting us sushi, but had instead been gone for over half an hour. I pulled my phone out of my belt pouch and sent her an angry text message saying to hurry up before I overheated. I shuffled around some more, retied one of my boots, and then proceeded to eavesdrop on the conversation of the two in front of me. At the moment they were discussing the many beautiful women of Lord of the Rings, with Arwen being the foremost.
‘Oh my lord. If only she were the one doing the signings here. My life would be complete.’ sighed the Legolas look-alike.
‘But then you wouldn’t be the prettiest.’ pointed out his companion.
‘Well who would you rather, Arwen or Frodo? I think the choice quite obvious,’
‘Eowyn is most pleasing, but I must say, Frodo kind of turns me on, what with that curly hair and those lovely big feet.’
At this I couldn’t stop myself from butting into the conversation.
‘Quite the pervy hobbit fancier, aren’t you?’ I commented.
They turned, obviously having not realised that I was behind them. Mr Clonetrooper deems my comment worth an answer.
‘Well I do have a thing for him, but it’s not I like can try anything.’
‘No.’ I agree, ‘Sam would kill you.’

To be continued..... (again)

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