Thursday, 22 November 2012

Romeo and Juliet makes me feel like crying (and not because it’s so beautiful)

Firstly, sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while. I have been absolutely snowed under. I have some insane work load, what with assignments ad Nanowrimo. This is the first slot of free time I’ve had in a while.

So. Romeo and Juliet. Now, I must say, I usually love Shakespeare. Hamlet was absolutely amazing, as was Julius Caesar and Richard III.

Romeo and Juliet?

Not so much.

Basically, I think they’re both little whingers with zero sense of responsibility for their actions. They fall in love with each other before they’ve even spoken, get married a day later, and kill themselves four days after that.

How is this supposedly one of the most romantic plays in the world?

I have no idea.

My first issue with it is that they are both convinced they are in love with each other, and they have never even talked together. Romeo just goes on and on about how pretty Juliet is.

Hello? Have you never heard all that stuff about how beauty is on the inside and all that?

It is especially annoying because he was ‘madly in love’ with some other chick before he laid eys on Juliet.

But then Juliet was prettier, so then he became in live with her.

Basically Romeo is a total player. I’m sure that if he had thought his decision to go kill himself with Juliet through properly, he probably would have decided against it.

And then had a new girlfriend the next day, once he had gotten over his momentary grief.

I suppose Juliet is an alright character. She’s smart enough, some of the time, and she is pretty brave.

My main issue with her is that she is in love with Romeo.

Why? Why you silly girl?

He’s such an idiot. And then you killed yourself for him.

Which basically makes you an idiot too. But yeah….


Well, basically, we’re doing Romeo and Juliet in English. Which is going to lead me onto my next post because this one is getting to long……


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