Thursday, 22 November 2012

Romeo and Juliet makes me feel like crying (and not because it’s so beautiful) Part 2

Well, as I was saying, Romeo and Juliet for English. I asked the teacher why we couldn’t do a decent one, and she got all offended and said this was her favourite play of them all. Well sorry. How was I to know that an English teacher, would prefer one of Shakespeare’s first plays, with hardly any storyline, and a language use inferior to the ones that he continued on to do afterwards. He didn’t even write the storyline, he stole it from some old poem!

Well, anyway. Charlotte (or Charlie Brown as I prefer to call her, she is my second best friend, just behind Ruby-Ruby-Ruby) and I are partners for our assignment. We have to rewrite the script of Romeo and Juliet, persuade the class why we should make this new movie through a speech, then make a trailer for our movie. The way my mind basically works, is that we were looking up pictures of Romeo Montague on Google, and when I saw Leonardo Di Caprio (who is not as beautiful as Leonardo Da Vinci) I was like ‘wait….. he’s in another movie too isn’t he?’ And Charlie was all ‘Yeah duh, he’s in Titanic.’ My mind put all these little pieces together, and I was like ‘Hey, we don’t even need to write a new storyline. We can just steal Titanic, change the character’s names to Romeo and Juliet, and then make it so they die in the end.

It was perfect.

We decided we’ll just change the name of the boat too.

Our teacher is oblivious. She’ll never notice.

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