Sunday, 18 November 2012


I am going insane.
I felt like saying I am slowly going insane but I am not.
I am going quickly insane.

Nanowrimo is killing me.....
waaay to much work.
Especially considering I also have an insane amount of assignments/exams.
I am dying. I was meant to complete everything on the weekend.
But instead I went to Ruby's and died my hair pink. It was much more fun, but not quite as productive.
Also now my teachers hate me. Also her. She died her hair bright blue.
Now we just look like the feminine versions of the twins from Ouran High Host Club.
Especially because me hair was meant to be light-pink Haruno Sakura hair.
But is actually the colour of fairyfloss.
Which means very bright.


The only highlight in an otherwise dull weekend of assignments and study

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