Monday, 11 February 2013

The Phone Call of DESTINY

I had all but given up on him. Waiting for over a month for a single call does not do good things for a girl. Also I was starting to fell all needy and stereotypically teenagerish, jumping for my mobile every time it rang and being all ‘ohmigosh it might be him!’ and then crying tears of pain when it wasn’t.
So yaah he called and I didn’t even check caller ID because I assumed it would be Ruby, because this was the momentous Day that she was going to attempt to dye her hair lilac, and she had told me about ten minutes ago she would call back in ten minutes.
So I was on TOR and was highly distracted when the phone rang, so I just picked it up and shoved it to my ear, my witty and seductive opening line being:
‘So did it work or does it look terrible? And be quick about it please because I think I’m about to enter a full scale battle here and my character’s health is way down, so I’m kinda stressed.’
Silence from the other end of the line.
‘Ummm Ruru? You there? Is your hair really that bad?’
Then came the sound of someone clearing their throat. A decidedly masculine someone.
‘Oh cheesecakes, you’re not Ruby are you? Wow that’s awkward.’
'Hey.’ the stranger said.
‘Hey.’ I replied.
[insert awkward silence here]
‘Umm so, it’s me, Teddy, remember me, from the shopping centre? And yeah, um hi.’
But I didn’t because I’m not weird.
Not that weird, at least.
So instead I just casually went, ‘Oh yeah, the Sith, I remember you. Hey.’
[insert more awkward silence here]
‘So, um, we’re doing another thing pretty soon … it’s not actually a demonstration, it’s for some kid’s birthday party …. we’re getting paid for it, and the parents want as many of us to come as possible. So Thalia said to call and invite you and your friend. We have extra Jedi stuff if you need it….’
I silently pumped my fist in the air, danced around my room and screamed for joy.
Then I realised that all this celebrating had gone on for some time and it would probably be best to actually reply.
‘Oh yeah, that’d be pretty cool. We won’t need any cosplay stuff though. Ruby already has just normal Jedi clothes, and I, well actually I should probably check this is okay, but I have an Aayla Secura outfit … is that fine to wear? Because it just seemed that all of you guys had just normal stuff on apart from Darth Maul.’
I heard him kind of laugh, I think it may have been at the fact that I had an Aayla Secura outfit (hey it’s not my fault that my all-time favourite Starwars character has an aversion to clothes. Anyway, I’m painted blue, so it’s not like anything you can see is my actual skin) but he regained his composure and replied.
‘That was just because we wanted to appear more normal in the shopping centre. Everyone goes pretty all out for these other sort of things though. We get Kit Fitso’s, Clone Troopers, Emperors, pretty much everyone. My actual costume isn’t even a Jedi …. I’m, uh, Jango Fett.’
‘Jango Fett? I’m impressed. That is pretty darn cool. One of my friends was set on getting a Boba costume for some time, but they just cost so darn much. He ended up being Quinlan Vos in the end.’
Then the shining light of brilliance fell upon me.
‘Hey, would it be okay for me to bring another friend or two, apart from just Ruby? ‘Cause I know a few people who would probs be willing to help out.’
‘Yeah, that’d be fine, we’re getting paid per person, so it won’t change the amount of cash we receive. So … from the sound of things, you’re coming?’
‘Hopefully, just give me the deets and I’ll check it all out.’
So I got times, dates and addresses, and now it is official.
I am going to see him again in another two weeks.
Admittedly with a bunch of my friends and half his grade in tow, but still ….

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