Friday, 14 September 2012

And so begins the insanity....

okay, this says it was posted in september, but it wasn't really.
I'm posting now, on november the 14th. I lost my blog password for ages but I just found it again. This was originally and accidental repost of my rabbit rant, but now it has turned into my musings on the beautifulness of Jane Eyre. From a purely literary perspective, of course.
I've been writing blog posts and just saving them as word documents, so I'll put an actual date they were written on all of them.

This was written 20th of September.  Enjoy.

oh mr rochester
why must you be so handsome?
you are indeed a good looking young-ish man.
I mean you’re also bipolar.
which is a bit of a buzzkill.
but that cute little half smile!
and that wicked sense of humour!
really, what can compare?
nothing, I tell you.
except for perhaps william herondale.
he possesses the same amiable qualities.
also he is quite a bit younger
which is good
really i think i may just have a thing for guys who wear waistcoats.
that must be it.

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