Friday, 14 September 2012

okay before i start hardcore blogging should probably give you some info

im just giving you forewarning now, most of my blogs will be nerdy insane. if that doesn't interest you then you should probably be going.
like now.
but some of my blogs may be me ranting at others (who shall be given fake names-stalker deterrent and all that) and others  may be me pining after the guy i have a large-ish crush on
who is also a nerd but unfortunatley doesn't notice me.
Because nerd boys always want the princess.
and while i may be blond, that is where the peach similarities end.
i will probably also go insane about random crap so if you get a little scared by it just keep scrolling.
hokay now that ive given you all the health and safety rules and regulations (dont ask me) moving on.

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